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services. Sympathy and kind feeling have prompted many
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mmute quantity of the deleterious gas which is sufficient to produce disease, a fact,
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tion of medicated tampons into the vagina, and are convenient,
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months intervened between the nuuiifestation of the .symptoms in
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of Roentgenology and Associate Professor of Oncology.
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through a perineal opening, used the perineal lithotrite
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condemned. Even leeching, after the subsidence of acute symp-
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ease. There are also some points of resemblance between
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CHURCHILL, F.— On tlie Diseases of Women. 6th edition, carefully Revised and Kiikrged. 12mo. Dnblin. 1864. OM, $46$.
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as the longer it is worn, the more difficult it will be for the
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now revealed the presence of tubercle bacilli. The pulmonary
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however, not necessary to continue the spray long."
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gestive organs afford examples in the production of hysteric, and of
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