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and the Dover's powder had failed to give relief The boy's countenance looked

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to involvement of the middle ear and to mastoid disease.

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Our author thinks that in reference to the relation which exists between the

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of small vessels having their orifices filled with coagulated blood."

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them. One of these, as has been already stated, is called b/ood, and contains a

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sections, was able to identify it. The histological changes which

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the head. Children with largely developed heads, and of a strumous diathesis,

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asthenic type, i. e., hyperacidity, hypersecretion, with some pyloric

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rapidly, the nearer the inflamed membrane is to a red and vascular organ. If

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We forbear to detain the Society with a complete analysis of its

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A country surgeon succeeded, with the help of compresses and bandages, in al-

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that organ, did not pass into the efferent vessels, but flowed solely into the

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remarkable that nothing should have appeared upon evidence tending to show

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lar or honey-comb appearance, by the removal of the blood from the incised air

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&c. In other cases the softening would appear to liim to be owing,

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direction, and a little posterior to the middle of the bone. The ends of

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aggregated groups, or chains may be thus enveloped. The nature

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of the dilatations into one another nor the formation of bridges

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The absence of edema at autopsy performed from five to ten

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Dr. Jacob to save him from blindness. During the period of our attendance, his

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tasis. While the "honey-comb" appearance of a bronchiectatic

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Philadelphia: E. L. Carey & A. Hart, 1835. (From the publishers.)

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offensive, is not unwholesome; and the tainted atmosphere of the dissecting

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are more favourable for conception than others. Yet, when we inquire into the

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case we do not have the spastic condition of the pylorus, and

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