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invasive powers as in the bacilleemia of typhoid fever and pest, in the pneumo-

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the lumina of the tubules, and there is degeneration of the spermatogenic

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the heart muscle or cardiac nerves. The bowels should be kept open by

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originated in the primitive unicellvilar organism. This is

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Frequency. — It is undoubtedly the general opinion that

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Accurate knowledge of the ways in which the causative agents of infectious

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mation of the bladder, of which she died. He gave it as his

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object and not from the mere fall. Man in his career must

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A dog may be placed on the seat of a cane bottomed chair,

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pockets of the coats showed abundant growths of the different organisms.

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these patients' careful continued examination is the greatest help. The

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of 400 examinations of 50 different specimens of lymph, found tetanus

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understood, for they have not been made in any spirit of

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He returned again for a short time on the same day, when he was again

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Typhus fever has the same catarrhal symptoms, but the general symptoms

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doses. Placing the child in a steam tent sometimes seems to be of benefit.

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for with enough persistence or iinder favorable circtimstances.

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there had been no measles. In the latter year the disease was introduced