Atarax Side Effects On Dogs

health, if the recovery has been the result of a simple drainage operation.

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in 122. In only 3 cases in my series was the face not involved. A universal

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niit the wliole period of imiiiersioii of the hand. 'I'hese rea-tions are due

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Ctt, tension, the tension does not immediate!.\ return to its normal level

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ease the deeonipression is far too slow at first and far too rapid latei

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are palpaole. In the fifth group both organs are grown together. Fever is

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with miliary or with larger abscesses in the kidney substance, and usually

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any muscle, not then in use, into play, rigidity of those muscles will follow,

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alterations have been investigated by Jores, Budde, and Farner. They are

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a yas occiipyinu- a certain \oliiiiii' is compressed liy a piiniji so that it oc

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tliicad like form the protein, lil.rin. Unt this does not com-

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an aspirating syringe, under aseptic precautions, using a sharp needle, and

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eye turns out. There is no diplopia with this. Some patients complain of

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The x-rays are sometimes helpful in showing that the kidney is enlarged

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they contain are similar to those found in the muscle abscesses. Occa-

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marked, while the opening into the pelvis is often very narrow, and in some

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True bulbar paralysis affects the lower distribution of the face, the tongue

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rich in albumin and casts, yet of a specific gravity somewhat below normal,

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urinary tract in its entirety, and hence the popular but misleading j>hrase

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mitting of diagnosis in which the cardiovascular changes are not more or

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inti'ii'st, aiiil it is cliirilN «iili liis wmk tiiiit \c will ciiiii't'rii oiirst'lvcs

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Important suiijiorl to such \iews appeared to lie supplied some dozen

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digitalis especially when blood pressure begins to fail. This remedy as well

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the second place, it is perfectly possible for a regurgitant blood stream to

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through the limb. The constitution sinking under increased irri-

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the CDiniilniii iildl ulr is that which we can take in over ami ahove ai

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ciiuation for chlorides and urea, and witli ciiriouslv sjitislactory rcsidt^

atarax side effects on dogs

or a staring of the eyes. The staring, with a diminished frequency of reflex

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effect of treatment. Inmiediately after being passed, the urine is usually

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months, although occasionally it may recur for several successive days and

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but it is impossible to say whether it was causal or a complication of the