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Affections of the Vago - Accessorius. — Laryngeal crises are a pretty
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of whose sources is the branch so frequently mentioned as cootaiaiag
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Yellow or Caseating Tubercle. — Round the original "grey" tubercle
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combination of continued pyrexia with enlarged spleen and diarrhoea
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not procure current $3,00 bills, will be allowed a discount when larger ones are
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The Anatomical Cabinet and the Library are annually increasing.
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parable to the surface of a cirrhotic liveJ. They are firm and elastic, and
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kr, but not so capacious ; and the whole street and group, for dense
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Ttra sabeerihers have associated for the purpose of giving medical instmetlon. A conT-eaiesi nea
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tympanitis, nor diarrhoea, and where the motions become " formed " early,
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being under the guiding influence of the faculty of thfi Institute. The
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for a portion being removed, the remainder will be loosened and thrown
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ounces of butcher's meat, and 26 ounces of bread. Vegetables^ and
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Coosumpiion^ 9— inflammation of the bowels, 1— dropey, 1— cbild-bed, I— carditis, 1— wound, 1—
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(a) Sitting-chest-lifting; {b) Half-lying double -foot- rolling ; (c) Half-lying
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rhages, the blood in which is dark. On opening the internal cavities a distinct
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heated up till red-hot on a fire or gas-burner, and each tooth soldered to
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2. Following certain diseases of childhood, e.g. measles and whooping-
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3. They again become less frequent after the age of five years to
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and in a few months he has melanotic nodules in skin, lungs, liver, and
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pathological changes to the naked eye. The membranes genei-ally appear
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from 65° to 70° or 80° F. Cases of typhoid vary very much in severity in
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Not only are exercises devised for the purpose of relieving the heart of strain,
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Those remedies which have proved the most efficacious in the treat-
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complicated with auction of the lungs. Authors generally appear to be
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followed with senna and salts in the morning. In ten days, having re-
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In swine tuberculosis occurs frequently. It resembles in its general
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Two children of healthy parents throve until weaned, and soon there-
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in which it is met with, he considers to be mere accidental complications.
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