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Feb 20 Grand Rounds - 8:00 am, Yankton Medical Clinic; Speaker: To be announced,Topic: To be announced. Info: Nola

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half a century ago, "that, in cases of apoplexy with effusion, the pres-

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disease, as well as a short excursus into the possible

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severity of the infection. The mechanism of its production is, I am led

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exclusive of deaths of persons admitted into public institutions

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Varieties of Dyfpepfta. By A. B. Faulkner, M. D. London.

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for embassies having attache's charged with other than

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is Into the larynx. The disease then involves the morbid conditions wUch

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1, thickening and rigidity due to the formation of new connective tissue and

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increase of urobilinogen after fermentation in all except three.

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hemorrhage takes place without any other exciting cause. It takes place

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inflamed — neuritis is almost unknown, or, if it does exist, has

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more pain than ordinary injections. To avoid getting air

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to the hypoderm ; and the eruption commonly consists of macules (E.

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The facts collected and published for the guidance of recruit-

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Common Diseases . . . Their Nature, Incidence and Care

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evident is it, that they differ to a greater extent from those of the gorilla,

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in the right eye. The pain was, however, thought to^be neui-algic, and

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this prolific source : it must suffice to say that this is the

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particularly during menstruation, in attributing this to

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enlarged without producing much inconvenience; but even

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of John Hall, of Maidstone, who wrote "the Historiall Expostulation."

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ble proportion of the population are obliged to live in rooms,

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which would seem to argue against our explanation that compensatory

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lower extremities — right the worst, abdominal muscles lax, uterus

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mine. I should like to know if testing the agglutinating power of the

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proceedings ; taking care not to delay too long, lest the

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that, at a certain restaiu^nt where bread was furnished d discreHofi^

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introduced into the stomach only add to the sufferings of the

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combining with different bases, and in different proportions

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1 951 Wyoming Petroleum Possibilities Enhanced By Variety

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over some portion of its track ? I am fully persuaded that many

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reimbursement for physician services and recission of the

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cases in all, and among these were specimens which he had found in the

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recorded, dilatation of the canal in the neck induced paresis of the ui^

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and the dimple in the bottle must be watched to de-

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It is affirmed, at least, in the early stages, to be amenable to local

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contracts with the insured and with the participating

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mind, besides tliat of nervous functional debility. They related

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nation of the body of Mrs. 0. King, oi Slierbrooke, whose sudden dia*

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