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duration, may be conveyed in any one of four different modes. First,

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hemorrhage, or vasculuj disease; no rupture of nerve-flbres,

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joint. This treatment was continued for ten days, with the

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by Dr. Castle, concerning flatulence as one of the causes of

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as the author of several very successful medical works.

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TixEA Versicolor. — As there are no subjective s^-mptoms, the

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struction and evidence of contamination in practically all

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this place, which was about one twelfth part of the in-

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scared looks, palpitation and feeble bodies as found in

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te be used as injections to check pains in, or discharges from, the bowels.

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almost disappeared from the air, as shown by these plates. The

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one of them, there is another who thinks that efforts to achieve

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these sentences does not refer to his state of health, the theory is " me " !

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sufficient number of good spirits to overcome Mohammed, he seemed to

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St. Petersburg reports 42 cases trerted by the Farad ic current. Many of

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often absurdly in excess of the injury originally sus-

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old; sheep above two years old being rarely affected. The ail-

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been engaged for thirty years. " Motions caused by light and other

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could not produce the disease with dew from malarial regions, or by

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autumnal form of the disease. Smith and Kilbourne found that

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symptom," and though the treatment is unsatisfactory, it is not so

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None of the patients that I have examined have at any time

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The publication and issue of a quarterly bulletin by the Bureau of

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ber 25th and 26th last. The following members were in attan-

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through the tissues behind it, tying a ligature round so as to form a

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in dilute hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide to give pale greenish