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important of modern analgesics. Its solutions are stable,
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examined, so that any decayed teeth or stumps may be extracted.
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ataxia; five cases of progressive muscular atrophy;
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Carnngton read the notes of a case in which the temperatare
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spring of 1833. That epidemic was distinguished from most
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knowledge of the farmers on the commission are needed together to decide what ought to
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very high amongst the children of parents engaged in the manufacture
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presence of spirochfetes in syphilitic patients. For the Wassermann reaction thej* employ
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duced may slough off from strangulation. Infection may oc-
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peated and strenuous efforts to do so. This would, of course,
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palpation suggest intraductal hypertrophy. A persistent
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beats of which are also given. This small wave (c) is due to the
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Cerebellar tumours often run a very rapid course. The average dura-
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PLANTING:— The seed should be planted in May; from the 10th
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attacks aud was pretty well. The earlier faint spells
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the function of many organs, the function of the lungs being early
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induced in men by subjection to cold and damp, it is not
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was carried along gradually through the oesophagus.
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“I have been given too much personal credit for the
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tion, the result of uraemia, the patients are habitually in a
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A Journal of Medicine, Surycry, and Allied Sciences, published at
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tions which necessitate the frequent use of handkerchiefs, and these
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are such, yet we cannot explain why, unless we fall
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red from capillary distention. The superficial veins of
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ing that a large quantity may be necessary to fill it suffi-
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tinct disease, rotheln. he believed that the diagnosis of