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Mr. Heckstall Smith said the point was whether they had any-
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latter may be blown on the part with an India-rubber bottle. But these, in con-
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traditions of those glorious Buddhistic days. It was
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State on Examination. — The animal was thin. On clinical examina-
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body, itself enclosed in a translucent fibrous ma«s.
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dents : Dr. Simpson and Dr. Lyons. Secretaries : Dr. H. Barnes, Car-
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means of a generous diet, tonics, anodynes, and Dobell's pancreatic
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it is time medical men awoke to improvements in the healing art. A curious in-
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is most easily raised, it happens that the pelvis gradually turns upon
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to hear the earnest expressions of sympathy with medical officers which
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Yorkshire coast is very fine ; Whitby and its moors and cliffs are well
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enlarged prostate, diabetes, Bright's disease, asthma, dysentery, etc.; in
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distant from the head ; the needle was inclined obliquely from above
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"The report of the proceedings of the Branch during the past year
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Finally, when the tumour shows metastatic characters, and affects
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treatment, though it prevented suppuration to a great extent, was
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Council members one appointed by the General Council, one by the
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sacrifice was made to appease the offended deity. The
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Castle Hotel, Richmond, on Friday, July ■22nd, at 3 p.m. President
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t. The Invasion from a Social and Psychological Point of J'iea: the
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hat on the face, favoured this view; but no motive was made out.
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applying the hand to the left thoracic wall, over the cardiac region the
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friend to purchase some of your remedies. I got some, which helped me visibly.
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the structure of the tubercles showed nothing special.
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described by Bouley and Trasbot, consists of — (i) a large incision
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point selected is four to six inches above the knee.
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the extreme rarity of the case, such a complication of prolapsus uteri
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one and a half ounces of artificial serum was made daily.
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Increased Mortality from Small-to.x. — With deep regret —
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fitness for the particular post for which he was a candidate, and he
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him, his pale face hard and fixed and full of daring, he
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instructed to provide nurses to tend the patients in the night. He also
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M.R.C. S., Surgeon to the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Infirmary.
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dense, and firm to the touch ; their surface is dotted over with greyish-,
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Added to this th.ere was paralysis of the muscles on the left side, so
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posteriorly and upwardly. As in Case i6, the new growth appeared to
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called to remove placenta', after ineffectual attempts to promote their
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lege of Surgeons of London ; and he there delivered a number
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i The Cough— '•^Sx quis . . . male tussiet. — II Sat. V, 107.
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rounded by a gelatinous yellowish or blood-stained exudate. Their
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characters. After the loth August the pauses occurred at longer and
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II. A well-bred shorthorn cow; first seen March 20th, 1893.