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or typhous scarlatina closely resemble those of asthenic or typhous

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quently observed without our understanding how the morbid excite-

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against it; sometimes from west to east, again from east to west.

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those reports of lyssa humana differing from our description, in which

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able error, so to obviate this we now, after pipetting off the

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the greatest resemblance with those of the local diseases of the brain

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o- 0000 1 cc. of either tuberculin being ample to begin with.

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a means of judging of the results of our inoculations which

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disinfectant must be brought into actual contact with the germ ;

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discharge, and concerning most of the changes of the os uteri above

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In neither case was the meningococcus isolated from the

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becondary disorders, and by a general implication of the system ; but

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jalap, etc., are usually prescribed. If, as occasionally happens, there

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of typhus, moisture of the soil plays a very important part among

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l here is advanced tuberculosis of other organs. Just as in the brain,

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epithelium occurs, but very rarely, and then only late in the disease.

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salivation sometimes occurs more suddenly and with greater severity

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onset of severe nervous symptoms, such as dehrium, tremor,

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A prejudice seems to exist against giving water in fevers, for

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infection producing the local lesion, and was in accord with

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of more or less serious character, of an inflammatory type in

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very distressing symptoms arise. The leucorrhoea becomes more

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secretion of a chancre beneath the epidermis, through a puncture from a

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of the Blood. — In the course of my studies in connection with

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acter, and does not pervade the atmosphere around the patient ; but

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motions be impaired after the attack, treatment by baths in Wildbad,

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which is not, under some circumstances, accompanied by it ; still there

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In those cases where the head quickly becomes very large, the dis-

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Spontaneous bleeding cr haemorrhages without assignable cause do

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My questioner was not an Irishman, but it sounded as if

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set of fortunate and unparalleled coincidences, as they would

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muscular rheumatism. In recent cases a vapor-bath often gives in-

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blood was estimated in the same way by Haldane himself,

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phus, and other infectious diseases, spread. The latter reproduces

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