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Hydrate Bromide of Potassium and Tincture of Belladonna. The

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The American Medical Association and the United States Pharmacopoeia. A Reprint of

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So also the prompt delivery by post this morning of the special

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hypertrophy nor induration of its substance. The treatment is

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bovine source but I am thoroughly convinced that there is no equal

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fluid has accumulated in the bladder. It is frequently associated with

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the affection soon extended to the two neighbouring fingers. Shortly afterwards

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the Society s work in the department of operative midwifery. He

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itself to the solution advancing its pseudopodia or protoplasmic processes

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tion of the procedures of Critchett and von Graefe.

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Throughout the course of this case there was very gradual loss

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be made because of the sharp irritation which would

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York and various others this heroic treatment was happily

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The pancreas is smaller than usual and very flabby in consistence. Its color

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Spleen. In all forms of leukremia the spleen is enlarged but this

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William Osler M. D. On the Visceral Manifestations of

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superficial way. Often the students do not dissect at all. At

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shown by Surgeon General Sir W. Moore in an interesting paper read

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