Harga Obat Mata Terramycin

question, and show at a glance the great resemblance and similarity
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at the base of the chest. The position of the heart chauujed but
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and pallor of the mucous membranes. The respiratory
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I remain, Gentlemen, with great respect, your ob't sorv't,
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bly be ascertained. In almost all the cases which I have read,
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Kidneys and Sexual Organs. — Camphor is broken up in
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advanced that it required some little determination to proceed. Fol-
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than the emetic vii-tue. For our epidemia they had many times
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the patient failed to eli<-it any evidence of lesion of the lung. The
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und the animal so anaesthetic that amputation of the penis
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Action and Uses. — Potassium hydroxide, its solution, and
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much relieved by the operation. An examination of the abdomen at
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indicated for these animals when a milder operation than
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beneficial : Sweet oil and lime water, each one ounce ;
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rance, 1 — disease of the liver, 1 — congestion of the lungs, 4 — disease of the lungs, 1 — inflam-
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Phenacetin is the most serviceable for dogs, as it is less
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extremities, and gave quinine gr. iij., and cal. gr. ij., every three
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emetine is required, when the alkaloid is injected in place of
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Collodium, pi. Collodia. — Collodions are solutions of gun
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Circulation. — Jervine is a powerful depressant to the
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peculiar tinge to the skin. Docs, then, the peculiar color of the skin
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cult to calculate the amount of morale and physique lost to a regiment by such a
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inedieines nnless the secretion of the skin l)e lirst promoted, without
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anaesthetic action of cocaine is more profound and toxic
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had escaped from the central opening the day before. No detached
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noid membrane throughout; also, to a less extent, about the base
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was more prevalent in Chicago than usual ; and, as a consequence, several very
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vessels. In the pulmonary tissne between the cavities wore nu-
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ther examination we have found it a perfect little treasury of strange
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Died during the year: — J. B. Brown, David Osgood, Robert Ware.
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was established in 1^67, and appears to be steadily growing in useiulr
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not disregarding the advantages of the one method, I may also be