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this we do, although we know it to be an eflbrt of nature." Ka.

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2281. We must regard hsematemesis to be an haemorrhagy,

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The methods used in testing for evidence of so-called acidosis are

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cipal causes was: by whooping-cough, 204; measles, 40; croup, 250;

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The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

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minims of the tincture, three times a day, or just when the attack comes

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was much thickened, covered with thrombi and ulcerated

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the muscles are engaged in playing the game, there is a quantitative

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namely, the hypoglossal ; and hemiatrophia linguae has been found as a result

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the day, he was able to appear that evening and speak

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VON Hasner, Joseph Robert, German ophthalmic surgeon,

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the siJecial chapter on the subject. We would further note that other

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Illinois, October 16-17. The College is composed of licensed practicing physicians who

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value which detailed stool analyses offer to the clinician. The appli-

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with the others, is of equal size, and comprises, as might

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[Fig. 4, A. Free diuresis in a nephritic with marked anasarca and fluid in both pleural cavities,

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want of public convenience, to neglect the regular ablution

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