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must be taken on the sixth, seventh, or eighth day, according to the per-

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the object should fall upon the retina in a certain

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exceptions to this, which contrast very remarkably with most epidemic

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In order to perfect all necessary arrangements for the examinations

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quitoes and the other poorly lighted and ill ventilated for the black

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In this liquid form it will not deteriorate with age, as at present,

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error which Professor Pearson overlooked — namely, that consumptives

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secreted from the glands and palate that causes a rattling in

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veins, nerves, etc., but that the left eye had apparently not

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such a great extent as those that had been depancreatized for longer

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aqueous hydroxide, 10 cc. of saturated sodium acetate solution added,

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oerebral arteries give branches to the choroid plexuses and ventricular

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to feel the mouth, nose, eyes, supra-orbital ridges, malar prominences,

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in December, 1859, been acknowledged to be the stan-

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JReview for July, 1851 — a contribution not of less importance to

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tubercles in the apex, healthy. The abdominal viscera were ad-

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not even stains. All that is required is a pure broth culture of Eberth's

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where there is an opening for a trained scientist. He wants the col-

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arsenite of copper, proved fatal to two children. The symptoms and appear-

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allied conditions. Indeed the practitioner who has such cases as

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be ejected. It would, therefore, be illogical hastily to conclude

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intentionally or by accident, it is slow to unite again. In course

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The habits exert their influence upon the eyes as well as upon the

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to be discernible, the reply is that practised microscopists do often

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Artery : wound of large superficial inguinal artery in which

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9. The sex incidence of duodenal ulcer is to be explained on

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Appleton & Co., New York, second edition, p. 753.

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would publish in full the pamphlet published by the Council of the

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family, many of the members of which had been closely

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ter recovering from the fever, he was attacked with diar-

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In all of the experiments the general condition of the men was

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mainly upon absorption of the tissues, whether ligaments, cartilages, or

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Om Kriiliiv inoiniiin tin- iiiomhiTft of tin- Intinmtitmiil Com^'icsh of

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pears to be altered, as the bones sometimes fail to yield

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laboratory methods that the diagnosis could be made

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to volition; and the force with which the poison is thrown from it

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severe emotional strain, suggests that the heart muscle was badly damaged.

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manifests itself in case the liver is also removed. As

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ternal organs. In nearly all the cases that occurred in 1850, there was well-

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the mucosa has been destroyed revealing ulcers covered by fresh

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the anaesthesia includes tactile sensation. In 'progressive

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tify that the insanity is only temporary, and must send a

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tusam, ita ut omnino lenta fiat, sumito, deinde ali-