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tril with an alkaline solution and the operation is complete.
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Treatment Have the patient take a warm bath night and
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stood from his second case which v e shall here insert.
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sequently the reserves of carbonates in the blood are drawn upon
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applie lt l acetic acid to the thigh over the inner condyle.
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Congestion of the Spinal Cord. However difi amp cult this condition
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blood pigment. There is often general glandular enlargement the cervical
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tion as the tartarized antimony used in combination with cal
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passed by the house. It was deemed by the committee that
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ward kitchen bath room and convalescent room also a hoist for
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authorities it is probable that it would have spread widely at least
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relapse. It is indicated by a deep dusky hue of the face lividity
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fact that during the following or years for instance
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these cells were cultivated in monolayers in maintenance medium
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thorough and persistent use of moist heat over the right iliac region.
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child have in its tissues bacilli transmitted dircectly from the father
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fructified the crude meaningless notions of those whom he employed and
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At the same time the frequency of the pulse is rather in
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is that plane which is coursed by a straight line from the
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curring attacks mark the progress of this fatal disease.
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the matter must be evacuated early to prevent extensive sloughing of
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The conclusions reached in this paper are based chiefly upon data
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more serious evil than a slight want of formal accu
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sherry and as this corn brandy is very incompletely rectified
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result from smearing or splashing the surface with fresh white
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were normal the right knee jerk was the left and slight
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leo gave us the first rude thermometer Kepler another illus
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or solid there was considerable arterial excitement and an evident failure of
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which was evidenced by the onset of respiratory insufficiency
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sion of sharp blows delivered with the flat of the hand palmar
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may follow the acute or subacute form of this disease particularly in children.
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this hospital such department of the medical work has been devel
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as Valleix observes three points of division at the inter vertebral
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be repaired. Malignant growth is frequently grafted
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In general spinal paralysis the paralysis usually begins in the legs and
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problems raised by infection with tubercle bacilli in human beings. He