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luminous object appear. This is an important indication of the close

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met, the conquest of England, the discovery of Amer-

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over this disease is so very great that it has been considered a specific ;

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save in intensity, and no amphoric sounds. The impulse of the heart was

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3. Never forget to ask your patient to take his tooth-

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in the experiments? Aly impression is that whenever the volume of fusel

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{From the Laboratories of The Rockefeller InsliliUe for Medical Research)

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The mucous surfaces are covered with thick tenacious mucus; the

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conclude that in experimental pneumococcus, pyocyaneus, and diph-

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tains, normally, about one-fifth of all the as to render the animal incapable of

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Enghsh Brain-building," is a striking picture of the care with which girls

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Nature of Drug TTsed as Abortifacient if Immaterial.—

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the only ones, all of whom are entirely exempt from the disease.

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figures at my disposal, not having undertaken to present any-

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mation of the mucous membrane of the mouth, pharynx,

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Brodum's Nervous Cordial. Dr. Paris says it contains the

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pla^e, to lay before you a short account of the tech-

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for securing the subclavian artery, inasmuch as it differs in its line of incision

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The experiments do not indicate any essential change in the

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no means pronounced. Dryness, a sense of heat and irritation, a feel-

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With a view to limiting the operation to a supravaginal amputation if possible I cut

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tion of porcellaneous material (porcellaneous deposit) in the

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carbolic acid with considerable freedom, making use

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Actinomycosis. — Charles Allen Porter reports eight cases

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thickening, and abundant, thick, dark-coloured, almost puruloid fluid,

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belladonna, and cannabis are all very useful drugs.

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Mix. This paste is applied to the warts either with a

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by the use of gland extracts to endeavor to produce immunity in mice;

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scribed growth should rapidly increase io size, a monoplegia

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ware, Mississippi, Korth Carolina; (2) Death, unless the jury sees

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case of multiple neuritis. Excepting the few cases in which the deep