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case with that of uric acid and the urates in the urine. Oxaluria is of
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tumors, hemorrhage, and fatty degeneration, and its density is increased.
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the discovery of the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus in a case of sore throat.
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membranes, so that the cheeks and the throat are brilliant red, swollen,
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syphilis or of broncho-pneumonia. Other children may appear well
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the other. Jaundice is less frequent, except late in the disease, when
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PROGNOSIS. Rickets is a disease which may be arrested at any
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and strictures from chronic inflammation or syphilis and tumors.
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the orifice, I removed it, without disturbing the dressing or splint.
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disk. Tumors involving the central lobe of the cerebellum usually pro-
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In measles the procedure we have described would produce an alter- .
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stating my conviction that I could not have had equal success with
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yet how time has altered the dictum of that great genius in surgery !
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alexia. Medical literature also recognizes and has given name to various
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extremities, followed by swelling in the vicinity of the joints, which are
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the mouth. On auscultation the respiration is tubular, cavernous, or
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be enjoined, and no mental effort whatever allowed. Laxatives are to
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tation and sets up a cystitis, which, although slight, may yet be sufficient
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Cancer of the duodenum is not to be differentiated from cancer of the
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Single or multiple growths thus arise, the latter sometimes so minute
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and often albuminuria aids in producing the fatal issue. Gradually
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moist, climate should be secured. In scarcely any other disease, how-
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pulmonary inflammations ; but experience has abundantly demonstrated
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and other sources. Oettinger and Maresco in a Landry's paralysis after
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ing twenty pounds, and producing an appreciable distention of the abdo-
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M, Jobert de LamhaUe. — It is stated that the distinguished surgeon
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believing that many fatal cases have not been reported, and seems to
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may take place from the graver forms of secondary anaemia, the diagnosis
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ments were made, both in Europe and America, with various gases,
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DIAGNOSIS. Time is an important factor in the diagnosis of suppu-
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pendent upon organic lesions of nerve-centres. Other cases have been
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at last it continues throughout the waking hours, during repose as well as
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the omission or repetition of syllables, and the elision or interjection of
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ing may occur. Eventually the symptoms become those of septicaemia,
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from the anus, than to irritate the many feet of small intestine above the
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ness of the throat and probably also by producing paralytic weakness
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taking an hysteria for an acute chorea. The most important distinc-
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heard on auscultation of the arteries, even of those at the wrist.
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term brown induration is given. Microscopic examination shows that the
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taken out of bottles into which it was put before the epidemic. It is
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Eobertson pupil or loss of the knee-jerk, will afford sufficient ground for
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about thirty^five years of age ; a very stout person, but partially pa-
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The cestoid parasites include the several varieties of tsenia, or tape-
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to its integrity, except in functional insufficiency, yet severe valvular
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with it, it will be found easier to reverse the lines, that is, to write with
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in degree or position, and may from time to time vary in the same case.
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