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"Books became a passion." — Mr. Cross also says :
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Pressure upon the ductus communis, involving obstruction to the flow of bile,
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deserves, a cordial reception from the profession. O. H.
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2 Given cyclically: Female castration Osteoporosis. Female castration— 1 25 mg daily, cyclically Adjust
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greater or less frequency in almost every region of the globe. Epidemics
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exenteration with fashioning of an ileal conduit, sigmoid
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covery, I had felt confident that his life would be
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dren was an idiot. His family suffered from nervous diseases."
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Urobilin: its Clinical Significance. By Ray Lyman Wilbur, M.D., and
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My interpretation of the phenomena would be as follows :
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Needle Biopsy of the Liver— A Critique of Four Currently Available
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at thirty-six hours, one at eight days, one at a fortnight, one at six weeks,
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for the purpose of description, and for the better direction of the
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cells of this spongy substance communicate with one another, they are
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was adopted in some places, central schools organized and children
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ceased, but on the floor "not far from the deceased."
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tain characters as peculiar to one group, he must mean that they are
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9 p. M., four hours after the operation, found the patient feeling pretty
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severe attack of syncope from taking only five drops of chloroform
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produces, may be traced also in all the minor forms of the attack. In
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through sphincter ; vagina very dilated. Curetted, repaired sphincter and perineum, fixa-
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the drug in cases of acute nephritis, congestion of the kidney, or
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(E.) Sui niieroiganismi nella febbre tifoidea. Atti Cong,
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cent papers upon this subject have expressed the be-
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be administered first, especially if the uterus be in
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indicates that the failure to respond is associated with poor toleration
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be. It is important to know that all the facts relating to the
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•consequence of bis appetite being bad, he has been able to take
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They occur especially in the early part of the night,
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New York City, read this paper, in which the principal
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Dr. G. Treupel, assistant in the medical clinic, has been ap-
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of an artery; pulsation ceases if pressure is made on
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was scrofulous and would disappear, but, at a subsequent consultation,
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gibbon. Doctor in Medicina : Thomas Wrigly Grimshaw.
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course we wrapped the scab up in tissue paper, and kept it dry,
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long splint applied. I saw him several months later, and he was
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respecting the condition of the urine in dropsy, are in a great degree
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never had but one proposition to pay a commission. I had the physi-
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confirmed the conclusions deduced by Bourneville ; of these
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Obstetrician to the Columbian University Hospital ; member of Wash-
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known ; and the importance of making an artificial pupil, and the difficulties of
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degree of fatty degeneration ; those of the third guinea-pig were slightly
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