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and finally the globe became soft and phthisical. Such eyes frequently

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to 102, from which point it gradually declined to normal line

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5 to 10 c.c. ether are poured on an ordinary mask, allowing

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introduction of his Organon, with much candour refers to a

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Abadic. Examen o])hthalmoscopique du fond de I'oeil

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hints, excellent for quick consultation when exhaustive reading

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and also that it produces a more healthy cicatrix, and prevents,

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the deviations of those organs and surfaces from a natural condi-

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at the temperature of 100 F., which detaches the mucous coat in

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been tied. The poison, therefore, has had no effect; — the

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Saunders & Company, 1905. Cloth, $5.00 net; half morocco, $6.00 net.

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the thread, and in dyspnoea and coughing expelled the

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amount to $1 billion in a given year, that amount is

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one, care of medical patients, the other of surgical. There

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the reflex vasomotor reactions, also the release of intra-articular ten-

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cesses but symptomatic processes so that va- ^^ar has taught us nothing new in war surg-

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and continu3d to increase up to the time of my visit.

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either side touched each other. Such thoroughly compressed

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gen; while Professor Nespoli, Dr. Forbes informs us, likens it

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daily, but has never been coagulable. To-day, however, a deposit existed in the

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Why the majority are observed during the month of November cannot

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necessary in the preparation of the yellow oxide of mercury, as it is

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2 cases disorganisation is recorded after periods of two months

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tioiii»«upplying the tongue, lips, &c. paralysing them, and pre-

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the DRG categories were found to be stable over the

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Looss thought that they entered the skin by way of the hair follicles but the idea

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after some time portions of diseased bone came away. Before I came

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that there is a bad political method at the bottom of most

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typhus, aji epidemic contagious fever, originating in dirt, des-

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SiE, — I have at present under my care a child with congenital

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some manure in his grounds, ants crawled upon his hand ; he

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improvement. When the girl came to me I could nol immedi-

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