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collapse and death. The white of egg is an antidote to

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We were to act at once, as the adjourned inquest was to be held on

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Bepeated doses of salt aid the absorption of serous pleural

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toms of hepatitis, previous to the formation of the abscess, had been

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afterward acrid taste, and permanent in the air. Soluble in

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contains .45-1.2 per cent. Caffeine is found in kola nut (the

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and a sharp saline taste. On exposure to the air the salt

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— purging and salivation. The pulse becomes rapid and

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and light diet. By this treatment the disease was universally cut

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ditions associated with a proliferation of new cells, or

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Descrqjtion. — About 5 to 10 Cm. long, 10 to 15 Mm.

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(PO,), (bone ash) + 2 H,S O, = Ca H, (PO,), (acid calcium

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At a late meeting of the Academy of Medicine, M. Bouvier read a

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lar) is not so commonly practiced as the subcutaneous

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It did not heal by first intention. Considerable sloughing followed,

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water, in 3 parts of glycerin ; insoluble in alcohol.

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called to order by the President. The records of the last meeting

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before the operation, is found in the writings of Prof. Nathan Smith*

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spirit, or exhibited to dogs on sugar. Menthol may be

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of the same bulk as other liquids of the density of water.

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ascites of dogs, made into pills with from 3 to 5 grains of

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a powder, containing dried iron sulphate, nux vomica and

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The treatment includes the use of emetics or the stomach

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1863. January 1st to 4th. — Has not suffered much pain for the

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The months of June and December are those in which marriages are most fre-

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