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In acute gonorrheal hydrocele, the effusion contains polynuclear

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substantially all of his time to the business, and to do prac-

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in public education, and the task as usual falls on the

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Tuberculosis, typhoid fever, diarrhea, croupous pneu-

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the intentional establishment of a collateral circulation to

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Operation is advisable in cases accompanied with hydrone-

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Everslon of the Vagina from Fibroid Tumor of the Cervix.

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of affairs. One of the authors, however, wrote me that he will

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the patients were under 50. In extracting nontraumatic catar-

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mittees ready and are a perfectly organized body, not only In num-

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Valley Medical Association and the American Medical Asso-

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and a Table of Physiologic Constants. Cloth. Pp. 370. Price, $0.80.

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"Uethoda of treating certain diseases of the stomach by cleansing

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the prognosis more hopeful. In the sugar test there arc many

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in the jurisdiction of the board, by whatsoever name it may be

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the bronchial tubee and, rarely, the ureter. A case has

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that a granite comer-stone had been duly carved with an in-

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operated on. 2. Those where,. followii)g the recovery

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ually bring themselves into a condition in which they

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tery or diarrhea, nor any postmortem evidence of previ-

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this inflammation may reach the mucosa by ascending the urin-

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Cuban Itch. — Despite the many-tirats repeated experience

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sidered that thic}cening was present, but I was inclined

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suitable laws. In 1864, 1867 and 1870 England enacted

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tory was negative. His previous health had been good during

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74. Intestinal Perforation in Typhoid. — Cashing notices

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expresssed his surprise at receiving thanks from the patients

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urged the importance of examining thoroughly a specimen of

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the peritoneum. This was found adherent, and so the abscess,

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The Present Status of the Carcinoma Question. Nicholas Senn.

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existence, he referred to recent experiments by Rosenau and

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contents inform us of normal and pathologic secretion,

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Hospital Steward L. W. Ryder, granted leave of absence for

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