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irritability champagne is to be preferred. The eliminative organs, especially
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fections have received but scanty notice, if ! fancy ; and, in ihe great majority of cases,
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ajjplication and cauterization, had been adopted. On the above-
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There is clearly some relationship between communicativeness and
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say are summarized as follows : (I) That renal tuberculosis
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ondary infections, e.g. pneumonia, tuberculosis — •
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(streptococcic), especially when used early in the course of the disease. The
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still have a measure which should always be left until
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typhoid fever campaign. At the outset there was encountered a preju'
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organisms, gave force to the conjecture that the essential part
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injected. This seemed to revive the child for some time. Con-
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monary artery. No murmur over the body of the heart or at the apex.
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subject the day before she was used for the first observation recorded, and
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Marion Smoot Needels, A.B., Instructor in Pathology.
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the opposite side resulted. There was one striking ex-
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equally paralysed, sensibility was normal. Ultimately the impairment of
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the original McLean- Van Slyke metliod and the present modifica-
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the end of its first decade is noteworthy in that two new departments
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the trachea becomes so great, that the patient labors