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Section 1. All applications for fellowship shall be made in accordance

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Care of the Human System. General, The Eye, Care of

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It was not however thought, that forcible dilatation of like

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neficial, but without the desired ellect. Other means were employed, and

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Radiology. Attending Physician, St. Barnabas Medical

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of such a size that they feared to remove them and yet found that their

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made, that any tolerable good and active horse may be

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latter are found free. McNeil also differentiates the epithelial and

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came on after typhoid fever, and one was due to sclerosis en

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If the food be not right, or if there be neglect of careful bathing, of

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•3479 Mackay, iEneas, J. G. Manual of practice in Court

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farm here. This is a subject more properly to be dealt with by

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veillance in the house of observation. At one time in

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Oor own views are given in the Monthly for January last, in a no-

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be collected. Also usual arbitraries via St. Lawrence Route, for dele-

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person and in every case in which 1 have employed it I have been highly gratified with the result.

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most cases is uninterrupted except by the occurrence of boils. The

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County, and are now ready to receive ap- sident Judge at chambers ; and if, in the

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previously, from whom she had obtained a divorce a year or two

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which are far more severe and more rapidly and surely fatal than smaller

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ments which breed disease and vice. Some one has well said that

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cure be afforded. But at this stage the disease is so generally

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“Appointment on political basis has resulted in tre-

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tion. It includes: (1) Stripped-to-the- waist examina-

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