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afternoon. There was some deficiency of breathing at the right poste-
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part) the honour, dignity, happiness, and progress of the profession had
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tioned by Mr. Hutchinson, as present in a case greatly resembling the
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We are, therefore, convinced that the tuberculosis was the result
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chest ; dulness absolute throughout the left side ; respiration altogether
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On the gth the swellings were almost entirely re-absorbed. Tem-
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branches of industiy w ere developed, and the old parts of the town in
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Infection may occur by three different paths. Sometimes the bacilli
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little impatient with her ; and by degrees she was compelled to walk
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was about three eighths of an inch in diameter, was attached to a finely
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On the 1st December the sinus had closed and suppuration ceased.
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difficulties, but I am still hopeful that these difficulties are only diffi-
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These were manufactured by Mr. Pratt, of Oxford Street. In all
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Arthur Jones (Carnarvon) also related a similar case. — 6. Case of Mon-
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Our recent observations on the debated question as to the control of
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circulars at the beginning of the year from the local Secretaries, are
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The animal usually resisted inoculation into the subcutaneous con-
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femoral section is made, in all cases, fully half an inch above the
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intricate modes the difficulties of the inquiry doubtless increase, yet he
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Mr. Guthrie in his lectures at the College of Surgeons, as a good ex-
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infection, of which the endocarditis is only an accompaniment. Pro-
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curring later in the disease, and often arising out of some sudden im-
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necessary. But all beyond this is for enjoyment and not for health.
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centrale. Most Carnivora have a peculiar modification of the last pha-
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retractile claws. The scaidioid and lunar bones are generally connate,
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to enforce, believe that it would be useful, at least as an auxiUary
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self, above all things, htiman. We can do this better
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flammation. This prelude of the murmur — of the crippling of the valve
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the best nourished during the course of eczematous eruptions, a fact
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Let me attempt to recapitulate a few of the lessons taught me by
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duced interstitial inflammation; the bacilh remained localised, and did
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lost ; and, when seen, she was in such a condition of collapse that the
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commissionnes directement au ministere de la marine en qualite de me-
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earnest exertions of the Association to effect sanitary improvements and
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Act of Parliament which would interfere with its privileges ; and more
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chest was painful on palpation, and there was constant coughing. The
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urethra examined by passing the fingers along the lower surface of the
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attention. With reference to the last-named essay, we scarcely feel
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When the epidermis simply peeled off in circular patches about the
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lesions in the lung and degenerative changes in the viscera. In con-
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some patients it is confined to the limbs, and more particularly to the