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he only directed attention to one class of cases of

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result of the inquiry which I have stated as so im-

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tended to one of them, in particular, he woidd not, I

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much satisfaction, that Professor Hughes Bennett of

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a large formation of these pus-cells, and these may

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sented a mass of disease entirely beyond the reach of

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Savage, George Henry, 46, Doddington Grove, Kennington

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of India, hitherto but little employed except by na-

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cancer was a blood-disease, that its fons et nrigo was in the liver;

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interior of the heart and illuminated its deepest recesses. The

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" The Address in Medicine will be delivered by Pro-

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145, Bishopsgate Street Without, September 28th, 1865.

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this, he was called upon by Dr. Pritchard, to accom-

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proverb which enjoins the propriety of washing one's

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hardly any confinement ; when internal hemorrhoids,

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epistaxis. This coccus was a staphylococcus of coarser granulation

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However I found, in many cases, that patients would

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avoid all kind of personal details. He hojjed to make

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and eleventh days, but none were ever visible to the

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mist expressed his opinion that no one could use it

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" Lastly, the Directors have to express their thanks

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placed in a more worthy repositoi-y than the cabinet

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germinal matter may retain theii- vitality for some

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Dr. Sanders refers to two cases quoted in Eomberg's

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tion. Mr. Henning leaves dfiSOO to the Dorset County

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rior abilities, industry, and integrity, secured the

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liable to cessation of pay on account of infirmity. If

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is, that homoeopatliy can cure it. To speak plainly,

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(b) Hypertrophy from Chemical Irritation of the Vagus. — Under