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Art. XVII. — Observations on the Question, whether the Co-

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of any operation whatever, the first question to decide is,

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to a small portion of the residue on the filter-paper, or even to the filtrate

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in which complete loss of speech followed ligature of the left

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then got well and continued so for five years. Examina-

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more than one occasion I tried to prevail upon her to let me

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briincs. 'riio ilisi'asi' in a piciiiiaiit animal may he communicated to the

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is on the first day give S drops (0.3 mil) in water every

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who cannot give one are in danger of giving and receiving

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Rashes occurring in the course of the Exanthemata. — The following

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very rarely it becomes ossified, forming a lithopaedion.

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cutaneously gives less permanent results than by the other methods, and

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medical education here was chiefly a matter of didactic

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it had increased in size to that of an ordinary orange, causing protrusion of the

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does not allow instinct sufficient force in the ordinary care of

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ing very much,, and it is not the only similarity that exists between

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more rapacious. He piques himself upon being very slovenly, very blunt,

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The sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth ribs are .the air extends in the lungs, or, rather, in

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supervening, I determined to wait no longer, and I bled the

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service, in consequence of the non-arrival of Dr. Grant, from England.—

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suckling was rendered impossible by the escape of milk from Montgomery's

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assistants hand the wrong instrument, which is almost

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and remarried. 29. Another lost her husband from phthisis,

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toplasm of these pigment cells is retracted, and the pigment

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We need not be surprised, then, at the hunger, the wasting,

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the time vaccination is done and the uiuUHiirhed scatibing of the

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ophthalmos; sarcome de I'orbite. Limousin med., Limoges,

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good results after these interventions that in certain

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the affection is in the colon. Thin watery movements are suggestive of