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measure responsible for the type of clinical teaching prevailing
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should be bevelled on inner side and a large opening made. Some authors advise
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the appearance of copper-coloured blotches, and the intervening portions of the skin,
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or shorter period. It was true that none of these cases
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Gunning's test, like that of Legal, may be tried with the native
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was made a strong point in her favour that instances had occurred in the]
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patients have been finding out that their ills are curable by
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I then took another slide and drew the sharp edge rap-
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Mention ** The Epitome of Medicine " when writing: to our adTertisers.
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Livingstone, although the telegrams respecting him have been
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those who require evidence that the physician has not in as
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arthritis. It is often both clinically and radiologically silent.
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judgment of my little work awaken in me the liveliest feelings
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able that in a large number of epileptics, there has been a
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non-malarial subjects, there was a relative large mononuclear in-
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svnd arteries. The connection between pulmonary affections, and
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tions of killed cultures of the Shiga bacillus. By injecting such bacilli
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1895. BIANCHI, L. Paralisi Progressiva e Frenosi Scnsoria, Naples.
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to be in pain, and was very restless all night. It sucked with difficulty.
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the doctor's to the last, if he pays him at all. I believe that the coming
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function implies pain, with exceptions so i'ew that tiie rule may be laid
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ferruginous tonics in anremia. (c) It is less disagi-eeable to
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Actually, however, it carries none of these advantages.
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but which many would consider to represent it under the working conditions
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for the reason that the osteotome either of Macewen or
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is heard if the patient simply opens or shuts his mouth ; it is
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/eflex stimulation of the motor nerves, which cause con-
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the maximum of haemaglobin appeared much more quickly in the latter than in
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his arguments might be strengthened. All are not, however, prepared
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tory of ureterotomy and the rapid advances which have
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In state prisons, the GAO found that fewer than 20% of
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Myelitis Following Acute Arsenical Poisoning by Paris or Schweinfurth
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registering the observations which can be compared with
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in 1838 in London, you must admit that it exhibits no wonderful difference
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time these laws being passed; and it could, by a re-
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found haemoptysis in twenty-six cases of diabetic tuberculosis. Lecorche
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and that epidemics were as marked in the North as in the South.
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variation in the individual cases that it does not seem to be reliable as
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Two weeks after the accident the perineum partially gave way,
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of tissue at the bottom of the tube. This opalescence can be grad-
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ration, during the administration of large and frequent doses of the
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from alloyed appetites, physical and moral, that he could say, ' I feel
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means of the electrical test ; it is of conditional value.
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