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their patients who go the health resorts are The surgeon himself should be well vers-

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In the so-called foot-rot of sheep, we have, in the cases

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himself to the effects of improper food or drink (very often such

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by an alkaline base, and consequently a more ready excretion in

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previous autumn, from a persistent intermittent fever.

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The following description of the physical and chemical

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appear to be highly contagious, as it does not appear to spread from one

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In 1892, Prussia is reported to have had 8,000,000 cattle

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passing a catheter. An inspection of the preparations preserved

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and free nuclei are present. The hypothesis is suggested that

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Down, sends us this note : — " Since July 1866, 18 cases of croup

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can be introduced into the diet, and the meals should be so

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cities and visit the general hospitals for the be fully available. A "special diet kitch-

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quently from pneumonic affections when attacked by rinder-

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Mr. Condy's price, would cost ahout eight guineas. Tlmt with

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Park when he says that this bone should be the bone. On the contrary, I believe it is

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at the bidding of the operator, introduce his two thumbs at the

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14. SuzoR. Hydrophobia. An account of M. Pasteur's system. 1887.

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character, and dependent, in the majority of cases, upon general

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Of rendering effective relief, very often aborting a serious

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affected, and that the progress of the morbid changes in the

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ble from atmospheric variations and the influence of strong

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in arresting haemorrhage after operations or from wounds. To

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organism, will live for several days and perhaps for weeks and

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tincture of opii^m (n\,iij to v), in a bitter before meals.

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with anthrax bacteria, yet the organs appeared to be perfectly

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was sometimes injected hj^jodermically into the temples,

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this, and that he therefore intended to attempt its reduction ; but

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are more rarely the seat of tuberculous tumors. Ulcers in the

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(i) Changes in the structure of the nucleus, all the vari-

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(bacteria) or animals (protozoa J. It is likewise true that for

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vantage of focussing attention on the side being o.i mm. The bottom of the excava-

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he feel such confidence in the perfect safety of his dose in this af-

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better tolerated by the digestive organs, by which it is absorbed

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of the Bpasm to occur, the gas is still kepi behind the all-

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any considerable loss of blood, is put into a box open on either

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tient experiences a sensation of dryness in the throat. At the same

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