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the prostate, at its junction with the membranous urethra. Its
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arsenic. Pain is extreme and always present. Gastro-
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Association, cooperating with the Department of Public Property and
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greatest difficulty he is conveyed to his house, and got into his
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bearing at the top a single yellow flower head having in the center numerous
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far as known, no harm resulted from the first two shipments, although Mr. Bell
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As to the etiology of this disease, it can hardly be required of us
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so limited, as a tight band fastened around a growing branch of a tree — the
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harm, as it is far from having the effect usually ascribed to it. He feels
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less we have no reason to suppose that typhoid bacilli are derived from ani-
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the individuals concerned, and can hardly fail to bring discredit on the faculty.
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breathe except with the mouth open, and when it becomes
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Past medical history was unusual in that the patientij
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by an accident, not only had a diseased eye, through
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improved. The temperature, however, for the entire course of the ill-
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Marsh, who, it is stated, has found, that in all the cases in
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through the tip of the tube. After the stomach is evacuated,
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were present in all ; the irritability of the stomach more dis-
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cre, that pus is produced by the ordinary pyogenic microbes, has been
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organisms as live at the expense of their host, and the name " commensal "
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curious than the ground from which has sprung the very
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ican troops. His first post in Arizona was Fort Grant,
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generally about 80, though the number of red corpuscles is
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rhage would take place from the site of. the distal or proximal
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his own convenience, and hence is well adapted to the wants of a
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Trichina spiralis (Fig. 4:5) had been previously seen by one or two observers,
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spinal fiuid, during sleep, Dr. Cappie throws no new light.
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T. F. Robertson. First year, James Henderson, of Warkworth,
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As Mr. Stokes is not awaje of any case in which the difficult and hazardous