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In Physiology, the proper office of the various organs of the human sys-
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132. An tleptic Treatment of Wounds. Mr. John Wood 152
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better, by rubbing together 5 ounces of alum and 6} ounces of acetate of lead,
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King, Chief Statistician for Vital Statistics, Census Bureau.
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4. As applied to instruction, the analytical method is
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Ai-tioulaire Chronique. \_Gomptes Rendus des Seances et Memoires de la Societi
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service functioning, under supervision, as a subintem.
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to the relatively small space devoted in the best recent text-books
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disease merge into acute tympanitic indigestion or enteritis.
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from which I have drawn heavily, gives excellent pic-
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space devoted to gynaecological electro-therapeutics ; and it is to be
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the ear-drum, and to break up and destroy the delicate bones and
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to 28.800 inches about 4 30 a.m. of the 19th. The observed range
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The Medical and Pathological Anatomy. Tliis differs
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