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the fore limbs. The horny frog presents a shriveled appearance,

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subacute mania. The father, a very well educated and intelligent man,

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weeks later by the excision of small areas of gastric mucosa, all areas

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403° C, pulse 130. The lochia consisted of a bloody offen-

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the last half century, is truly wonderful. At the present day,

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plex, and marriage, as the gentlemen assure us, more and - more expensive,

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Guard for Manila to closely asHOciate with thn natives

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Canada Medical Association. — The next meeting of the

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7. Foa, C. Les changements du sang sur la haute montagne. Arch. Ital.

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number of ponds and marshes, which have been gradually

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the rate of discharge in idioventricular rhythm in the dog's heart com-

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At Charkow, Russia, 1876, 3,550 examined, 5 trichinous.

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rivalry and conflict upon which progress depends, we both wit-

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can only be committed b^ insane people ; therefore, with-

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38. L'Ozone, ou recherches chimiques, etc., 1856, p. 37.

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i)e(;n niad(!. It was oidy when the liopelesHneHH of

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No. 23. Cargo cover, canvas, 3 by 6 feet, with 14 rawhide

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them. He then extirpated one kidney and examined it micro-

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mittent fever and the malarial cachexia by a decoction of lemons.

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When the question is to prevent the propagation of intermit-

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Sixth Ave. Suite 900, Seattle. WA 98121 (206) 441-9762.

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not for ourselves, but for others, and that is the basis of economy".

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all around it. Where this is not practicable the room should be as far

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muscles. The patient walks in a spastic manner, having great dilficulty

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9. Of all the sources of fallacy to be encountered in the physical

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with animals much lower in the series. Hence, in Mr. Dunn's opinion, the tripar-

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its point and along its sides, but its middle and base are of a deep

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in this direction, I cannot help feeling that the in-

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