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recommend extensive restructuring of the FM.A in order

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alum lotion which the German aurist had prescribed would coagulate the

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without perforation in the pericardium. In Stokes case there was

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that I may not produce such immediate or violent effects nor

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of fluid were evident in his right chest causing flatness at

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only two described in Christison s and Taylor s valuable works. A

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possessed by nervous substance of conducting the influence generated by

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on the right side and two wounds were found one on the right

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of the epiglottis and above to the palate together with

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in the vaccine program a study was conducted to elucidate the

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tion and defective nutrition. In some cases preceding

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be entertained especially in yoimg animals an opening

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how the interposition of a large nerve between the frag

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lives than on the condition of the peraon himself. The

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strument where you are sure there is no difficulty you can stand on

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cipal military hospitals of their departments in times of war to their

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clinically perceptible which frequently increases and decreases with the

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general living conditions were the same for all animals. Therefore

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plain during the inflammation regimen antiphlogistic during the

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well marked raphe and a depression in the region of the anus but

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sanatoria which admit only incipient cases while they reject

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in his character was his singular geniality of disposi

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ity and responsibility and agreement that the practice of

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December to March inclusive these latter months are practically the months

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appeared also in this and his sound judgment fertility

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from the register and desire to seek re registration

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Trichina Spiralis. In he supplemented this paper by

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whole either by a full supply of nutritive material or simply

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sexual cells throughout the animal and vegetable kingdoms. In hetero

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distinguished occupant of the surgical chair in the University Professor

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through the mountainous country of Virginia. In com

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hasten their death and every year patients are admitted here who never rally

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the spinal cord. The parts of the brain in which the tubercular nodule

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result in greater curvature of the cornea in healing. This is not

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positive results under the latter conditions to the medium employed

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or to urge the parents to consult without delay their family doctor.

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ceive the treatment. On the contrary the peevish be

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