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Presence of Leucoemia — for clearly a leucaimia was pres-

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tongue, and apparently no marked impairment of movement.

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MiDDLKTON, Passmohe, to be Surgeon, with rank of Major.

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these is, partial descent of the uterus, the os uteri being

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Properties. — Large, colorless, octohedral crystals, some-

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sistible by the weight of the mercurial globules. Hence, in the

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invaded the side of the nose, but closely followed the branches

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and irregular ; tongue clean ; thirst very great ; very nervous ;

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the point, B^ of the speculum is carried into the hollow

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gether with the commonly occurring bronchitic symptoms, may lead

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The unusual expense for the dressing materials, the metriculous asepsis

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In five days the stitches in the integument, thirty-

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culosis of the glands is demonstrated there can be no dispute as to the

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Physicians and Surgeons, New York. New (second) edition. In one very hand-

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publicly stated that the lady must have been in the habit of

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finds it is quite of the type of scarlatinal nephritis—

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is absent in the labyrinthine syndrome. It is also difficult to distinguish

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to the right and left of the main staircase. The lavatorioi

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With regard to the lower limbs, the chief symptom is that of rigidity

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upon examination be found diseased. It is claimed by Frank, of

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be passed into a urine glass and allowed to stand, within a very short

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too, it appeared in England before it had assailed the

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of the large hospitals of the country, asking their meth-

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the point where it issues from the receptaculum ; d., d., d., the

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to-day. He read and wrote for us ; the reading had few mistakes,

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to the entire profession for the profundity and accuracy of his knowledge

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flea, in which basal cells do not occtu- in the epithelium of the stomach.

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are either passed cdi^tingly over, or altogether omitted."

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panion way. In a moment I recognized her with the utmost