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or glycuronate. The aromatic sulphate further combines with potassium
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day from the commencement of the illness, and the patient was then discharged
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siderably augmented. The patient improved during the ten days that
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view of these facts it seems very important that milk should be pas-
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(hydrargyrum.) It is much used in the arts for sil-
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Vaccination, 191, 520; after small-pox, 224, 279, 475 ; a
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and the membranes exhibited signs of intense inflammation."
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that the little one will take all its food at the same temperatare ; for daring a
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more especially as there is another drug which acts as a powerful
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That the stammerer can often speak well when alone.
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This surely implies that in Oppolzer's opinion, founded, we
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capillaries from which the blood delivers its nutritive materials to
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Diagnosis. — Professor Gairdner did not make a definite
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the starting-point of the spinal lesion. A few years later came Charcot's
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made his formal inspection on Saturday last of the newly
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tural ; bowels regular : complaint of one month's duration ; attri-
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Hospital. Assistant Attending Physician, Hospital for
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tus, Baptisia, Gaultheria, and Mentha Arvensis in combination. Each fluid drachm also
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inclosing a soft, fibrous tissue composed of numerous tiny transparent
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kidneys, or even before them, the spleen and other organs are
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tions produced by forcibly extracting the head through an undilated
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indicated by what actually takes place in so many cases. I have
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Canada — J. A. Stevenson, H. Higgins, E. A. A. Grange,
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No. 171 died on the thirty-third day. Extensive tuberculosis of peritoneum,