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when prostrated by haemorrhage from the lungs, I have never lost my
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which it is to be divided between them and the wound
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steadiness of the flow. It ceased spontaneously. lie was jjlaced in bed,
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fl. ext. can be given once a day as a preventitive. Give every hour or
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as the guinea pig. Continuous direct passage from animal to animal
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If this house gave scientific repute to the now deserted
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were necessary, in the Constitution and By-laws of the Connecticut
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described, and shall be happy to see other and better applications of
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exertion were carried too far in such cases, mischief was
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As this method of rapid alternation is a thing of comparatively recent
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other treatment the practitioner may see fit to carry
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crescent on a corpuscle. I have seen three crescents on a corpuscle
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We may sum up the conclusions which these observations justify by
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determination of pneumococcus we are unconsciously subscribing to
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Frank M. Hall, M. D., Hartford, N. Y. Died February 26, 1893.
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ian System of Practice in Medicine ; by the recommen- ^
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and discomfort in the wound disappear very speedily. 3. The resulting
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ciples involved in the preparation of antipneumococcic serum, and in
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