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lists. Some because they possess no prominent medicinal pro-

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system and the consequent masking or abolition of reflex effects,

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part of the femur. Their general history corresponds to that of

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tubercle bacillus, is so widely distributed that no precautionary measures

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ogy are offered to those who wish to make a specialty of

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tum was glued to the peritoneum in front by puriform gelatinous masses. The uterus and

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145, Hieracium gronovir, class and order the same; used for toothache

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poisoned by simple contact with clothing that has touched the noxious

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Of more decided diagnostic import is gastric pain which is present

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children ; once in a woman aged 28 ; and once in a girl of 11. In

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ing. In one hour, 240 grains of chyle flowed from the canula. It

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admitted Sept. 12, 1855. He presented, when my service commenced,

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rarely happens unless the tuberculous tendency is strong.

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appendicitis. But every day we are reading in the dailies of some

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From ihe Department of Ophthalmology. Shiley Eye Center (Drs Gariano and Freeman), and the Department of Internal Medicine (Dr Rickman), University of California. San

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continued during a period proportionate to the time the disease has

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perience in the Grocery and Drug business, where he han

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attributed to inequality in the diffusibility of the two crystalloids through

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that I spoke of before. There are other evidences also of malforma-

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except one, in which both pleural cavities were obliterated by old

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elastic elements, and the usual net-work of bile ducts. In the

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the patient on the hither side of cachexia and emaciation, some briskness

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I must confess to watching this somewhat summary operation