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profession of this province than the Honorable William Hanna.

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Surgeon Gideon S. Palmer, U.S.V., now waiting orders at Carlisle Bar-

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be given at a single dose, preferably f of a grain every hour. Even

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of resistance against the inroads of malignancy, are unfavorable

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honor, and all right to the use of the medicine. And

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gether with their national flag, the white flag with a red cross provided

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the urethra ? It is, in few words, a partial or entire obliteration of

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Dosage: Individualize for maximum beneficial effect.

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pearances of the internal organs after the death of the

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5. It being proposed to make the principles above explained the fundamental method

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they are by no means to be despised ; and although the cases in

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color of the film turns to a bluish tint. The slide is then removed from the

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In old animals both ovaries must not be exposed outside to-

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type that its status as a definite form of smallpox was not established until

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a daily alvine evacuation. I have never believed that it was necessary

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increasing illness. The mucous membrane of the stomach becomes excited ; gen-

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tation of the ingested feculent substances — that there is a production

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and at the same time developing purposeful and intelli-

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professional men. His ivhole school training is directed with this in mind, and un-

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