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by the government in some warlike expedition, and my impression

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parent to us all, but the office-work of the specialist is dis-

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and 26th, 1910, the six chapters being represented.

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of the brain, had come to the conclusion, that when inflammation of the arach-

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ulation occurred, as in an uncomplicated open cholecys-

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common to both diseases, so far as my observations are concerned,

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The Daggett first prize for the best " deportment irrespective of scholar-

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checking the secretions and excessive granulations, without no-

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useful work. Indeed, I know of no branch of social legislation

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The anterior wall of the stomach was found to be the

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till it is eaten out, and then apply a plaster of tar ; or,

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such adjustments of the tube that the distance from the cross-wires

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and gooseberry bushes in West Virginia. Later joined the Salvation Army,

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vomiting. Ten drops of laudanum and croton oil were given, the external ap*

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being .23 inch on the 28th. At Killiney the average rainfall for

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Cheese should be used in the diet regularly and in small quan-

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ysis in the upper distribution of the facial nerve is so

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parently fatal symptoms supervened. These two were saved

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mixed up with myths and impossible extravagances. He was, how-

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James Fox, County Tyrone ; Emily Charlotte Thomson, India; Herbert Arthur

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research that has been made, is confessedly a terra incognita. The first

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therefore, is a matter of degree and problems resulting. As'

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been advanced; namely, that when internal pains have a neuralgic

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tant questions which the known laws of cerebral action will help

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afterwards, and the surgeon diagnosticated an osteo-

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one of them, that the physical signs and history may

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tumour in the region of the gall-bladder, the distinct signs of