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spavined limb the moment the heel of the foot comes down upon
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removing a portion of the bone. In carrying out this
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disciples. There was a modest courage in him that was
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has been preceded by symptoms indicative of intracranial growth, and
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Schaffer's suggestion of intravenous injection of two or three
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Coronary Artery Disease, see Cholesterol Awareness —
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neoplasms it at once becomes dear that nothing short of a hystereo-
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organ, and that ebbing and flowing along the pulmonary veins
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Figs. 2 a and 2 h represent the appearances, macroscopical and from
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have grown here for five years. It has never failed to pro-
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Exceedingly common on dry, rocky hillsides throughout the state.
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or two. An abdominal waistcoat was applied to support the line of adhesion.
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barley and cow-pea, were irrigated by flooding. The rt
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time will be taken by some Russian female doctor who is not
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writers and breeders, one favoring one litter a year,
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Nevertheless, the proposed operation was carefully worked out
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Ocular paralysis may be actually present when the patient comes
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and from the division of an artery, the bleeding was profuse; several days were
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by the removal of the placenta, there is a natural drain established
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cattle suffering from Texas fever and named it Pyrosoma bige-
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tion, militate against the chance of a cure merely from better
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encysted lesions in the periportal glands. Caseous lesions
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with reflectors. Here is the call to safety organizations for an educational
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tions which necessitate the frequent use of handkerchiefs, and these
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was sent to Paris in 1823 to secure a steady supply of specimens. He met with
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sexes that is going on everywhere unrestrained. There is