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emphasis in nursing shifts from doing things for the patient to encouraging and

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as did some others, he could not have done so, owing

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the presence of the pigments of either rhubarb or senna is suspected. The acids change the

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may ultimately permit its application to man. This preliminary study

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The pericardium was firmly adherent to the heart. On the lateral border of the

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to remember that, in the embryo, the first organs that are

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with this story, as well, but one must not expect too

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ten hours after death the organs are diffluent or distended with fetid

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of the raw organ, and in giving by the stomach a maceration of the

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hand or a pledget of carbolised tow any clot that may interfere with

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ter, both for themselves and their children, if they would not

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bowels through the ring into the belly, before removing the

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modifying causes accumulates. That it may accumulate it is needful, not that the

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February 7. — The vomiting has ceased. Temperature

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from the temporal artery and jugular vein, and follow iip

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21. Moore, Taylor and Giltner. The agglutination method for the

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7 Levene, P. A., and Meyer, G. M., J. Biol. Chan., 1917, xxxi, 627.

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years complaining of "sleeping" of the leg, or formication and

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This is a pustular eruption similar in appearance to small-pox, only

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accomplishments of the past and made them available

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of " psoriasis " had been suggested by the practitioner in charge. All these

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Bishop, California, gateway to the eastern Sierras. Ideal

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sibility of a remedy for both these evils. Here pleuro-pneumonia

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cure for typhoid fever and the first laparoscopic ulcer surgery. In 1967, the school began one of

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The Author fully intended to have given a brief analytical

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thirty-five years of age are the victims of gall-stones.