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2. Deprecates the manufacture and sale by pharmacists of

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subcutaneous injections fulfil these indications much,

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result was so satisfactory, that I was induced to give % it a more extensive

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fore the County Metlical Association, March 17, 1884,

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XX, 1-25. — Howe (L.) On a compound microscope for

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shooting pains in the colon, especially about the sigmoid flexure. It

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period of partial collapse ; that is, if the burn is severe,

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been indicated, the peritoneal edges have been well sutured, and

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ducing some derangement in the properties or quantity of the materials

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the separate, and because separate, too frequently opposing, efforts of indi-

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Dr. Raymond had seen in consultation one case which

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thai further trial of both may be made in order to obtain fur

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vied with this in cheapness and popularity for general use was

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2289. Fever rarely accompanies this complaint; though the

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expression of an infected state of the blood. Others, following John Hunter,

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April or May, a* continues till August. House-lamb may be

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Since the advent of laboratory methods of diagnosis it has become known that

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but she was able to read and sew as much as her general condition

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before complained) upon the inner aspect of the right labium

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had been employed, than from the severity of the malady

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pituitary body might be excluded from consideration

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tremely painful and sensible to the touch ; in the centre of the

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The President said he had had a case of functional aphonia in a younger

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being due to some indiscretion of diet, or to pressure of the head

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that it takes too much time— a-iore lime than a practi-

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tosis is a process which develops periodically like a regular function

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and the patient is enabled to change her position in bed,

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urine and no corpuscular anaemia only the ashen pallor of the morphine

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definite conclusions. The third period, one of firm

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ing the bronchial breathing will reappear. A good device for bringing

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this by examination, labor came on suddenly; and in three or four

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Such is the history of pellagra and maize side by side. From this history

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times extremely unfortunate for the welfare of the patient. I

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August 22d. — About this time the neuralgia ceased altogether, the dose of

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soon be changed for iodide of potassium in a bitter infusion,

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over the backs of the hands. They are very slightly

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oblongata, they may be either superficial or deep-seated. In the former