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then gives sulphuric, acetic, and other acids, with the intention of
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was reinduced upon the extremities, and a feeling of greater comfort pro-
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their index, determine the atmospheric humidity. It is almost
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having furnished lymph to a second series (probably not quite so large as the
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tuberculous disease appears to be a sequel, it may have existed prior to
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authority in every such case must depend >ipon the circum-
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the breech was distending the vulva. In attempting to remove the placenta the
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a true abortive calomel treatment, has been made at
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ering etfect is a great disadvantage to the patient.
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Coleman, that in advanced cases the operation is only palliative.
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near the bed of the sufferer." But we should not forget that
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triangular spot ; at 253 /x by a large, and at 267 /x by a small,
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wears a bat, especially in hot weather. It is true the
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subsidiary elevation with an amplitude of 185, and at 122 weeks another
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the other, a tenacious habit of morbid action is acquired, and the
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mental causes assigned, such as shock, worry, and depression (amounting to
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diet in disease. In this Dr Yeo considers the appropriate diet in
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" Edinburgh " disease. Diphtheria was also traceable to
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operation it is advisable to have animal cast and to hold the head
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The above, then, indicates that, although ptyalin is removed
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to be preferred; the salts of morphine are among the best palliatives.
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your patient so, let him believe as I said before, that
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powers of the other two alkaloids. Thus the three combiiud require a less amount of nar-
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1858. It was, however, more fully described, and its nosological individu-
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whilst it serves to counteract the rigors of season, and the unwholesome
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oft repeated. A raw egg beaten up with a glass of sherry, care-
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on Oct. 27, 1916, was of interest in this connection.
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increased and her throat became dry, she declared that she had per-
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corresponds with that of Einhorn, that as a general rule,
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amination of the growth was done by Dr. Cunningham, of
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Association, held at Three Rivers, Mich., Jauuary I5th, 1879,5
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available. It is commonly supposed that a mere fall is not sufficient to pro-
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and warm baths, by suggestion, and by hydrotherapy.
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these inflammations by physical signs as well as by symptoms, must
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of a lamellar nature, or were situated at the posterior pole of
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little red wine or champagne was allowed, and iron was given freely, the
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is traditional for the speaker to wear a black tie.
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so slight a difference might be attributable entirely to such a cause,
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^\Q distinct cell «^T0ups, situated in front of the aqueduct of
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Wandering Ijiver.— N. Ssaweljew » says in the 23 cases col-
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nature does not, by herself, effect a cure: as exemplified in cases
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between Gout and Rheumatism," Trans. Inter. Med. Cong. 1891, ii. 92. — 57. Ibid. "Notes on
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beat can be felt at first, but it is very irregular as to strength
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mixture submitted to distillation. This was carried on by means of
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larger veins about the neck which do not have valves ;
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an atrophy of the conjunctiva, we always find corneal
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