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to the third rib, and bronchial respiration and metallic respiratory sounds; over

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Occasionally a parasite may have its nucleus or a portion of its

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in a cool, dark and absolutely quiet apartment, with cold applied to the

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tended either by ana?sthcsia or hypenvsthesia. When convulsions occur

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by the absence of vesical symptoms and by more intense pains ; the anes-

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Dr. Parrish stated that his patient had sufiered from repeated

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than 90, regular, tension slightly decreased. Chest narrow, especially on the

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This series seemed encouraging in as far as syphilitic sera agglu-

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mal; no change in the bowels. Von Pirquet reaction, +, -f , +. The bacilli

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pulsory health legislation is not easily obtainable. Out

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may die from tuberculous intestinal disease, acute hydrocephalus, or croup.

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tions of the city. In exposed positions and in the neighboring coun-

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cytoplasm becomes less basophilic. Fig. 2 shows a variety of transi-

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6 Charcot claims that hysterical fits can be produced by firm pressure over the ovaries.

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If, therefore, it is found that deaths from certain diseases are espe-

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showed that the duration of the trypanosomicidal action of both was

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in the lower part of the back. In this state, the sufferer, of his own

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short speeches by Gov. Hastings and President McKin-

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has been pursued by Dr. Horner, who has pointed out the only true

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Had Received 27 and 61 Transfers in Plain Bouillon Subsequent

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from the same point of view in entirely different colors ; and, yeU

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measures will be required with the view of insuring repose, and

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the changes differ in degree rather than in form, from those found in the

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So-called syphilis of the brain may appear, (1) as well-defined hard

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definite lag should be induced upon otherwise actively growing or-

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upon the health of the pupils, reported progress, and were con*

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The eldest, who is one of our coUeaglies, already holds an envia-

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vered. The other case was one of natural labor, but attended with

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the numerous protuberances covering the surface of the thymus is

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poisoning the muscles and nerves are early affected ; later the nerve-

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surgery and medicine, and kept himself well informed in the know-

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too specially guarddd against It is in this way, probably, that it is

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that were healed, were of four years standing. When the gentle-

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ing form occurred, hydrolysis should restore it to the simple mono-