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the whisper is stridulous or husky and labored. Moreover, in aphonia due

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provement must in great measure be attributed to the change

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is to undertake the control of any special di.";ease.

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period above mentioned, and the prisoner had no knowledge of his existence.

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mentally, and two had headaches. As the father was a

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This was the fact ; for the solution of sugar exhibited no trace

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the same du-ections as in making the solidified perfume, ex-

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of animals in anaphylaxis and those intoxicated by products of

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are the more interesting, as on the parts of the railways where these pre-

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inch beyond the infra-axillary line. Posteriorly, marked dulness

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declared him to be the father. It appeared that she parted voluntarily from

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much more readily; and if the result of the examination indicated the

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de la flfevre typhoide. Gaz, m6d. de Par., 1886, 7. s., iii,

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dicates nervous dyspepsia or some intestinal disturb-

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The skin of the face is not so loosely attached to the subjacent

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in. The effects are probably modified according to the quantities of matter

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of inflammatory reaction, the term folliculosis can

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and constitutes the basis of hygiology, receives attention for the first

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bility and relaxation in this last than in the pre-

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ing that the ophthalmologist, or aurist, for instance, is a specialist, and that

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Progress of the Case. — Ni ' • l"'''. 7 ;. — Had some vomiting to-day, but no

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with diffuse gummatous infiltrations in the fingers, and

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likely to occur under conditions in which the heart is observed

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Agens Physiques sur La Vie, &c. Paris, 8vo,, ]a2'i.

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been so great of recent years, especially in the skilful hands of Sir Spenoer