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garding the testicle, we may go one step further and

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forty-five years. Of the 35 women in the series, seven

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FoBtns in Fosto 1— Dr. Kotisko, of Vienna, has pre-

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The use of Dilute Nitro-Muriatic Acid in doses of ten or fifteen drops^

furacin pomada indicaciones

takes place. The pineal cells appear to be modified neurologic cells,

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by the capsules. "Its ultimate disappearance is probably due to a process

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has at times considerable dizziness. Her general health has

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An elaborate and highly interesting report of recent cases of smallpox

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especially on looking towards the left, the eyes were suffused, the optic discs

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inducing anesthesia only minimally reduces metabolic

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are also dilated, and their" epithelial cells undergo similar changes to that on

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other term is there, in the materia medica, that will comprehend a more

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the symptoms of sun-stroke at the time, he subsequently was

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certain ideas which have a universal application, but they are nowise

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This end is accomplished by the seminary and the laboratory.

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McGill stating that samples of milk and water were being shipped by express

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which have made Prof. Forchheimer, of the Medical College of

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soluble salts of lime and magnesia — just those ele.

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and 1803) the frequency of epistaxis is especially mentioned.

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each side until they touch in the middle or lap, if a tight "Klondike"

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same time it was carried to South America, where it has

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months; boy. 4 years. Complete paraplegia, anesthesia, veat«o-

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far down in the main bronchus of the lower lobe, 5 cm. (2 in.)

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Employment of Hydrotherapy.— E. L. Sliurley states that

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the meningococcus was discovered. Some of these were

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healthy and intelligent, with grey eyes, having a yellow tinge

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that it will return. My peisonal experience has been unsatisfactory.

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tened conductors applied over the larynx, brought out after a few minutes the

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little is known of their clinical history. At times, they produced

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that door probably a hundred times and never even suspected

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not prevent increase in size of the aneurysm. Death was prob-

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