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J«hn B. McGee, M. D. John Phillips, M. B. Roger G. Perkins, M. D.
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of the United States Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service to the
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Capsules of Bile Salts, Succinate of Soda and Phenolphthalein, each
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Dear Sir: My attention has been called to an editorial on the Wasser-
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ters, a physician, has at present optic atrophy with central scotoma, which
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downward to approximately twenty-five cents, as liquid chlorin
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Regarding the functions of this German Council and its
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By CARL D. CAMP,. M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of the
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may pass from a more or less typical secondary stage into one
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3. Possibly the condition may begin as a gummatous periostitis. One of
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honor and dignity of those who are irregular in training
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lyze the lymph absorption of the intestine in the complete specific
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by penetrating foreign bodies it would seem best to desist from any oper-
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The Composite Physician. By James C. Wood, A. M., M. D., Profes-
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The frequent combination of appendectomy and cholecy-
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cerebral symptoms in people who have no hereditary or acquired tendency
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quite tender k th- to t^c^ °*'' '"*' '"'"' *'" a'^
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fashion of a recluse, to these questions of serious national import.
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prove the absence of effect of glycerin used in the original preparation.
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miles. All these facts express the personal experience of each
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the rest, there is evidence only on a few points. The cases in the
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Data on this question will he presented later in the
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heart prevents the dissipation of the poison in the body and the
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will nott, ^Usfactory .f nsed therefor. What is known as Amer-
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scant with a slight trace of albumin. The cervix was softer and dilatable.
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In attributing Lane's successful results to his exceptional dexterity and
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lessen the number of relapses. 2, Complications are less frequent in
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