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tion was complete or partial. The absence of signs of milk in
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from his armamentarium remedies suitable for the various
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aggravated during the time when it was difficult to obtain
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it does not produce fever even if injected in distilled water
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of being safe. The two objections brought against it are that
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many remarkable cures of the same complaint as that under which his patient
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that there is no safety this side of the entire extirpation of the
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matter is possessed of life and the least imaginable part which we can
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absorption and rounding of the sharp lateral mai gins of
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This is the November issue of Wood s Monographs and either
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From these considerations Dr. Hirsch defines Kopp s asthma to
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from the throat or lungs diarrhceal discharges from the
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dition to the name of the patient an erasable tablet
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and nervous system affecting the mind cannot with any show of
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stance they are not soluble in alkalies but like true milk glo
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tized by immersing it in a solution of carbolic acid
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some part of its cortical substance induced y a vaso
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knowledge oouoerning this very obscure class of dis
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damage by tlK missile and is injured only by displaced fragments
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and he has deduced therapeutic conclusions similar to
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for what he considered to be epileptic attacks. These attacks he had
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evidence that there is not really a vital difference in its action upon
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titis and iritis exudate in anterior chamber contraction of
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reacting antibodies may cause false positive reactions
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nose protruded the elbows turned out the skin sweats
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that a catheter is sure to carry bacteria into the abdominal cavity
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covered by the English helmet nevertheless afforded a much greater
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doubt interesting to many of your readers. Respectfully yours etc.
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had whilst suckling any trouble with the breasts. She
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loses all movement as soon as it is separated from the body unless
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save a mild expectorant being administered. The short resume of
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of Doctor of Medicine was conferred on the following named pupils of
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duood by altorinn the rate of stimulation. Those oxporimont.s
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may be felt per rectum and massage over it has been recommended
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sense and the reasonings of Blondel who had written some
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salt soltition to avoid the danger of mercuric poisoning. The
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middle of the sternum which part is marked by a knot a second
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consultant in matters pharmaceutical have long been high
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