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dilatation of the cervix. This operation will do away

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The most frequent cause of fracture of the lower extremity of the ra-

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tives directed to the cachexia, which may be present. Together

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its pia mater in lumbar region was slightly opaque. Both tympanic cavities

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considerably more severe hepatitis than do the patients. When

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rendered to medical education in this country by selecting

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easy after pain and tenderness have become localized

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typhoid fever, the post-mortem examination showed recovery from recent

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the child's death. We must note that death is not imminent till some

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This affection is divided into external and internal hydrocephalus.

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mercury into; — 1st. The soluble preparations. lodhydrargyrate of

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or night. At first, however, in many cases, it begins like the

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Syn. — Morbus attonitus (Celsus) ; Hysteria cataleptica ; Trance.

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it as fully appreciated as now. The author hopes that a

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This book covers thoroughly all the advances of the

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some hope deferred or disappointment — which being ascertained,

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The girl entered this institution in May, 1900. She

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cludes that " the preference should be given to the voice over the watch and

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rise and it is likely to cause errors, for it closely resembles

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distress, may be mitigated, checked, perhaps gradually cured,

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Mary Lynn Smith, American Medical Association Auxiliary

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trephined the skull, removed from the brain the real cause of the com-

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were brought up and fastened to the hyoid bone with 3

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complaining of "tight drawing feeling in stomach " ;

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for the primary eruption ; and nineteen to sixty-one days, average

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hydrogen and then set aside to stand for twenty-four

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slight contu.sion alone indicated the seat of injury. As

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mesial surface of the superfrontal gyrus is of moderate

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Research, Development and Laboratory Automation Section

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On April 13th, the woman slept well during the night.

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in the liver cells, and on the other obstruction and obliteration of some

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and cyanosis often herald the occurrence of right-sided cardiac dilatation

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of editorial comment in the reports of the past three years,

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tirees de I'anatoiiiie compai ee et norinale, do rembryologie,

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cases by this method were brought to a favourable termination.

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accordingly left on the 25th of January, and was again admitted

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ipx^i testicle 4- vevpov nerve + AAyof pain. J Neu-

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the time which the Council will have to give to it when its