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75. Simon-Schnass I, Pabst H: Influence of vitamin E on physical
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used at several major medical centers, but the toxin is not yet
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pital was overcrowded with students, and the arena below
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nature of the lesion. In all probability, however, it was a tuber-
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excursion from New York and Boston and return at re-
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From the beginning of the third week after the operation the temperature and pulse
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pation, Bilious Affections, and where an agreeable and gentle,
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wisdom tooth. The right lower wisdom tooth was extracted
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was sufBcient, and so told the gentleman who proposed to offer it for the
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exercises a soothing and ennobling influence in toning
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ated by carbonic oxide. " She noticed that she could hardly
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is a liability for the cost of benefits incurred at or
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carcinogenicity study in rats with doses as high as 500 mg/kg/day (about 80
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asmuch as this acid or its salts are always present in
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dary, which is also very distinctly marked, is on a level with that of
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Traumatic Dislocation of the Hip in Children, Old and Recent. By
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operated upon for cataract six years since ^ pupil so
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by a concentrated liquid diet, administered in fixed quantities and at regular
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â– light Improvement. Reference : Brit. Med. Journal, 1891, p. 1227.
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falls below the benchmark in a particular area, WIPRO
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pulse pressure both from systolic elevation and diastolic fall. The
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small tubes, and sometimes the trachea, contain an amount, of
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year can hardly be said to have definitely settled. All honest efforts,
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1893 Parsons, Alfred Robert. M.D., Univ. Dub., F.R.C.R, Physician
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Dec. 28, Hb. 76.71 p. c; corpuscles 4,740,000 ; white to red
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