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America as manguea. The hotter the climate the more fatal is
afterwards, a discharge of blood from the seat of puncture is readily produced.
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a cause. It has followed syphilis and chronic malaria, and
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tension on the external oblique in a direction at right angles to that
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and neighbor as well as a soldier, in the service of his country ;
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can at once be turned from its normal avenues to the channel of
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what more difficult, and with the same improvement in his condition.
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Fietuls, ante-scrotal urinary, on the treatment of. By James R. Lane ..^ 206
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the physiologic significance so often ascribed to it.
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layer at the boundary of water and membrane is also entirely inside
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that the right pupil was dilated and the left contracted.
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dissemination of the disease, compulsory reporting of such cases
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Nitric acid or potash renders the pigment clearer, but does not, however,
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float around in the intestinal juices or with the blood currents or through the
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Autacoids may have either an immediate or a delayed action ; the effect
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ing fallen on a man, breaking him as you would a stick ; the suffering was
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notion of cure is a delusion. That everj' attack of disease
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pulse is one which drops a beat now and then ; a dicrotic pulse occurs
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with tubercle and by the thrombosis which completes their obstruction.
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the urine of the animal, and concluded, therefore, that the theory
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cult deliveries and when the pofition of the child is
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some influence. AVhile it is especially intended for the general reader, physi-
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first. There is no name for this when the disease is found in
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The minority whether it will or no, will be subject to the
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he felt drowsy and slept a great deal. December 4 he felt very weak, nauseated